Settling into Nursery in Dubai

Aug 25, 2023 | Blog

Navigating the journey to children’s play and learning at nursery can be a challenge for many parents. There are many mixed emotions and worries at this time, which is very normal. As parents we want our children to play and socialise but are worried about how they will cope, in new environments with changes to their routine. Transitions always require a period of adjustment and as parents it can make us anxious or upset as we try to support our children during these times. However there are many things you can do to make the process easier. The first thing to be aware of is that each child is unique and may take different timescales to settle. Some children settle within days and some will take longer or a few weeks to settle in.

There is no one box fits all approach to supporting your child as they adjust.

Children are no different to adults and can be processing big emotions during this transitionary period. Often children may get upset at drop off time or even prior to leaving the house or on the way to nursery as they adjust to changes in their routine, new people and different environments. Children may be upset going into class or want their parents to stay with them. In this period you may want to give them comfort objects to take with them such as a favorite teddy or blanket that they can have to support them as needed. Try and remember that these difficulties will be temporary and will be very worth it in the long run!

As a parent we recommend that you remain consistent with meal and bed time routines. Do give lots of hugs, comfort and reassurance to support. Talk about nursery in a positive way and remain consistent, attending on time, reminding your child about all the fun, play and learning they will get to enjoy. Show them pictures of the nursery and if you have access to any stories about nursery, it is a great idea to read affirming stories to help build understanding. Buying a new uniform,or lunch box that your child helps you choose can also build a sense of excitement about this transition too.

In the first week we aim to build your child’s attendance up gradually. We start with shorter sessions where staff will keep in touch with you and update you on your child’s progress. If you are able to stay close by the nursery or wait at reception it is often preferred so that you can be available to pick up as needed.

There will be lots of communication with you about how your child is adapting to their new environment. We aim to have lots of fun activities centered around music and movement, arts and crafts and exploration to support children during this time. Communication in the settling in period is key as is consistence and regular attendance. Staff at EBN are very experienced in supporting children to settle in and will provide a lot of emotional support in the process. With the above in place children will settle within a period of days to weeks and will then enjoy a rich, play based curriculum. Transitions are temporary and always worthwhile as the benefits of attending nursery for your child’s play, socialization and learning far outweigh the temporary issues that may present.

At EBN our experienced staff are always on hand to support yourself and your child during these times and the Headmistress has an open door policy .

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Emirates British Nursery.

Lynn Farrell
Headmistrsss Dubai Motor City Branch


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