Developing Healthy Routines for Young Children

Jan 19, 2021 | Blog

There are many benefits of developing healthy routines for young children. During the holidays or over the weekends, it is quite common for routines to fall away. The start of a new week, month or year is the perfect time to create new healthy routines for you and your children. In this article, we outline why routines are good for young children, tips on how to stick to healthy routines and why nursery is a fantastic place for children to develop healthy routines, good habits and useful life skills.

Why routines are good for young children

Routines are are not only necessary to children’s health, but they also have the potential to support babies’ and toddlers’ development of the prime areas within 7 Areas of Learning and Development of the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS).
Routines help young children feel safe, secure and supported during developmental changes. When built around social development and having fun, routines can also contribute to young children’s social development and overall wellbeing. Routines are a helpful way to teach young children healthy habits such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth.
Some routines support children to develop life skills related to responsibility and accountability from a young age. The simple routine of asking the children to pack away their toys after playtime for example, is a good way to start instilling a level of responsibility. As children develop and get into the habit of certain routines, they will be able to do more tasks with less adult supervision; this is a great way for them to start developing more independence and confidence.

How to stick to healthy routines for young children

Even though we understand the benefits of developing healthy routines for young children, it is not always easy to stick to them. Here are some ways that can help make adapting to new routines easier for young children:

  • Use repetition: it might take some time for children to adapt to a new routine and the only way to do this is to repeat the routine until they form the habit
  • Be consistent: for young children to learn a new behaviour and routine, it is important to be consistent with it in order for them to become familiar and used to the regularity of a routine.
  • Give the child ownership: when creating routines, where possible ask the child for their input so that they feel a sense of ownership over their new routine.
  • Make it fun: creating songs or games around a routine such as a wash your hands song is a good way to make children enjoy the routine.

Healthy routines at nurseries in Dubai

Sending your child to nursery is one of the best ways to get them into a healthy routine from a young age. They will be required to start nursery at a specific time which means that they will need to learn the basic concepts of a morning routine of waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and arriving at nursery on time. Learning this life skill at a young age will be hugely beneficial for them throughout their lives.

At Emirates British Nursery, we offer a safe and stimulating environment for every child to reach their full potential. Part of this is achieved by creating healthy routines for the children in all the Nursery Age Groups between the ages of three months to four years of age. From spending time in nature, outdoor playground breaks, meal times, healthy habits like washing hands and following a regular timetable, days at nursery are centered around healthy routines. We have state-of-the-art Dubai Nursery Facilities like soft play rooms, playgrounds, bike tracks, library areas and much more which enrich the children’s daily routines and overall nursery experience.
To find out more about our healthy routines, book a Dubai Nursery Visit or contact us.

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