How to Choose a Nursery in Dubai

Dec 1, 2020 | Blog

Choosing the right nursery in Dubai for your child is a significant decision. After all, the nursery you choose forms the foundation of your child’s education and bright future. There are many things to consider when choosing the best nursery such as the quality of the nursery teachers, the ethos of the nursery, curriculum, facilities, location and the nursery’s health and safety standards. In this article, we share the key factors to consider to help make choosing a nursery in Dubai a bit easier:

Nursery Teachers in Dubai

It’s a good idea to make sure that you choose a nursery that only employs high-quality teachers. The best teachers possess a range of skills and qualities. What makes a great nursery teacher in Dubai?

    • Highly trained to meet children’s individual emotional and developmental needs
    • Native English speakers with strong communication skills
    • Patient, enthusiastic, empathetic, engaging, collaborative and adaptable
    • Good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and best practice
    • Professional, reliable, and responsible.

Find out more about our native English-speaking teachers.

Dubai Nursery Curriculums

What curriculum would you prefer your child’s education to follow? This is a necessary factor to consider already in the early years of your child’s education as it will influence their future education. Renowned for its broad and balanced curriculum, the Early Years Foundation Stage British Curriculum is a popular choice for many families in Dubai as it sets an international standard and is regularly updated to current trends and best practice.

Ethos of Nurseries in Dubai

Make sure that you establish a clear understanding of what the nursery’s ethos is. What are the nursery’s guiding beliefs about children and education and do you feel aligned with their outlook about your child’s future? The ethos of a nursery is a reflection of the character, morals, and behaviours of the institution. The nursery you choose must match your vision for your child’s development. Happiness is key at Emirates British Nursery. We recognise that all children are individuals with their interests, abilities, and developing views of the world. Find out more about our ethos.

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Facilities at Nurseries in Dubai

When choosing a nursery in Dubai, it’s a good idea to ask about the facilities as this will affect the quality of the education and the overall everyday experience for your child. The best nurseries in Dubai have multiple classroom areas packed with stimulating resources for learning. Outdoor play areas are also a huge plus when choosing a nursery. At Emirate British Nursery we have multiple indoor and outdoor play areas and themed classrooms. Each nursery also has a pool and dedicated bike track to promote physical development. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that the children get a solid foundation in learning through play.

Location of Nurseries in Dubai

For your convenience, you will most likely want to choose a nursery in Dubai that’s near your home or office. Many of the more established nurseries in Dubai have branches in different locations. We have four nurseries in Dubai: Dubai Motor City Nursery, Mirdif Nursery, The Villa Dubai Nursery and Dubai Silicon Oasis Nursery.

Health and Safety Standards

The health and safety of your child when they are at nursery is obviously very important. The Ministry of Education ensures that all nurseries in Dubai follow strict guidelines. In light of COVID-19, make sure that you are aware of the nursery’s protocols. View our COVID-19 Protocols.

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Final Thoughts

The best way to choose the best nursery for your child is to schedule a visit and to meet some of the educators. This is a great way to get a better idea of all the above factors which are important to consider when choosing a nursery in Dubai.

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