Dubai Social Distancing Activities for Children

Mar 31, 2021 | Blog

Dubai offers a wonderful mix of fun-filled activities in which children can participate in safely by maintaining social distancing. Finding inventive ways for children to have fun and experience the outdoors has never been more important. Regular interaction for children with their peers both in and out of nursery is crucial for their social and emotional development and we have some easy and affordable suggestions for maintaining children’s wellbeing.

A Day at Kite Beach

A day at Dubai’s beautiful Kite Beach offers a variety of activities for young children, and all are at a safe social distance. Have a swim in the sea or take a walk on Kite Beach’s bustling coastal boardwalk. Enjoy a family bike ride or have a smoothie while building sandcastles on the beach. While we are still enjoying the fine Dubai weather, now is the perfect time for all of these activities.

Kayaking in Hatta

Take in Hatta’s stunning scenery with a family kayaking trip. Renting a kayak for you and your children allows you to stay safe whilst enjoying some of the most stunning scenery the UAE has to offer.

Escape to the desert

Al Qudra Lakes offers a serene and picturesque escape from the city where you can enjoy a family walk or picnic next to the many lakes. Your children can try spot some oryx as they play in this desert oasis. This area offers a tranquil change of pace from the city and is accessible from Dubai within 30 minutes. Even at weekends and busier times, it is easy to maintain a safe social distance.

Watch an outdoor movie

Enjoy an open-air kids’ movie at Outdoor At Galeria Mall. This safe and sanitised cinema allows children to watch the latest blockbusters for children under a canopy of stars where the famous Dubai city skyline provides the backdrop. Children can relax and take in this unique setting as they watch a movie safely distanced from other movie goers.

Picnic in Zabeel Park

Offering an extended green area in a central location, Zabeel Park is the perfect place to relax, play and explore in the sunshine. The expansive lawns offer ample space for safe family picnicking and the surrounding area offers opportunities for children to ride their scooters and bikes as well as a BMX track. The park is also home to one of Dubai’s most famous attractions, the Dubai Frame. This is the perfect vantage point to marvel at this stunning structure.

Explore the streets of Al Seef

With great views of Dubai’s historic Creek, Al Seef is an exciting area for children to explore whilst always holding their parents’ hands. This rich cultural area is surrounded by historical sites and offers a glimpse into Dubai’s past.

At EBN our rigorous safety protocols ensure safety for all. We certainly are fortunate that Dubai offers such a large variety of diverse and interesting locations for you and your young children to enjoy whilst staying safe and socially distancing.

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