What Makes a Great Nursery Teacher in Dubai

Oct 15, 2020 | Blog

what qualifications are needed for a nursery teacher? And what traits make a great one?

According to a global survey, “effective teachers need to build trusting, compassionate relationships with their students.” This is an old survey designed for the UAE, but the sentiments and core principles are still valuable today.
As a leading nursery in Dubai, Emirates British Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum. We believe that great teaching goes beyond qualifications. Young students need a healthy and happy environment to learn new things. Our teachers know how to create an educational environment that nurtures and develops your child’s learning capabilities, communication skills, and imagination.
Effective teachers have specific qualities that make them the perfect match for this job. Some of these qualities include compassion, patience, and flexibility. These qualities combined with prestigious qualifications and notable experience is what makes a great nursery teacher in Dubai.
Let’s take a closer look at the qualities of effective teachers and why they matter.

Teaching Style: Creative and Adaptive

An effective teacher needs to be creative and flexible when it comes to lesson planning. Changing plans according to the students’ learning styles and mood makes classes more engaging. It also helps them overcome challenges that often occur with young children.
Using creative ways to teach lessons like storytelling or arts and crafts activities helps increases attention and focus in the classroom.

1. Personality Traits: Compassionate and Patient

Teaching young learners is not easy. They are at an age where focusing on one task proves to be difficult, and self-control is not possible. Plus, each student is unique and has different requirements. It is wrong to believe that they will learn at the same pace.
When you consider these factors, you realise why patience and compassion are an essential characteristic for nursery teachers. They must remain calm when things go wrong so that their students feel safe. They should also know how to deal with misbehaving students in a way that does not hurt the child’s feeling or break their confidence level.
Educators that combine patience and compassion into teaching have higher rates of success. They manage to foster a good relationship with their students. It allows them to set children at ease with a safe and comfortable learning environment.

2. Communication Skills: Native English Speakers

Communication and language are core areas of learning in the EYFS Curriculum. At Emirates British Nursery, we meet this requirement by always hiring native English speakers for our teaching staff.
It helps set an example for young learners who are still developing their speaking skills. With their guidance, your child will learn the correct grammar and speaking style from an early age.
Our teachers use their strong communication skills to connect with their students. Their main goal is to form a deeper relationship that helps them recognise each child’s learning needs.
This also makes it easier for the teachers to share ideas and provide feedback to parents. That way, both teachers and parents can work together to build an ideal support system for the child in question.

Qualifications: Training and Resources

At Emirates British Nursery, we only hire teachers that have the expertise and skills to pass the EYFS standards. They are provided with additional training and resources to help them develop advanced knowledge about the best practices.
We also focus on developing an extensive and balanced educational environment. That is why our teachers are taught how to keep students engaged with hands-on activities, fun lesson plans, and creative learning styles. We also make sure that the team shares the same ethos and passion for educating your child.

So what qualifications are needed for a nursery teacher? A strong leadership team is another important supporting element of what creates effective nursery teachers in Dubai. Collectively, our 5 headmistresses have over 80 years’ experience. Their extensive experience, qualifications and educational ethos help support and guide the Emirates British Nursery teachers.
Learn more about our teachers.

Final Thoughts

In summary, he essential qualities of an effective nursery teacher in Dubai include compassion, patience, creativity, and strong communication skills. It helps them build a foundation of trust and support that allows students to develop new skills and improve their academic capabilities.
We make sure that all of our native English nursery teachers have the perfect skillset to teach young minds.
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