Childcare and Nursery for Babies in Dubai

Oct 28, 2021 | Blog

Childcare for Babies in Dubai

Having a baby is the most precious and wonderful time and if we could choose, many of us would want to spend every waking moment for the rest of our lives with our new bundle of joy! Unfortunately, the reality is that often both parents need to return to work after parental leave, and making sure our baby is in the best care becomes the top priority! Choosing the right form of childcare for your baby can be challenging with so many factors to consider! It is a big decision and as parents, we may feel apprehensive with so many concerns. Is nursery the best option? Will they care for my baby as much as I do? Will it break their well-established routine? What will the environment at the nursery be like for a baby? How will they grow and develop while in a nursery in Dubai? In this article, we will try to set your mind at ease and answer these pressing and valid questions by outlining what’s important to know when considering childcare for babies in Dubai.

How is my baby going to be looked after at a nursery in Dubai?

At Emirates British Nursery (EBN), your baby will be welcomed with a heartwarming smile and a kind greeting from our wonderful nursery teachers. During the initial parent-teacher consultations, you will be asked for details about your child’s specific interests, allergies (if any), daily routine, comforters, eating plan and food preferences. This allows us to get a holistic view of your baby and enables us to provide the best-personalised care possible to ensure that we meet the needs of each child. To create as much comfort and familiarity as possible, the babies’ sleep and eating routines will mirror those at home as much as possible.

What will their new environment be like?

We understand that the best way to put your mind at ease is for you to see the nursery environment for yourself. On our EBN nursery tours, you will get a chance to visit our vibrant classrooms, comfortable sleep rooms, and resource-packed play areas. To help your baby adapt well to their new environment, we offer a transition week that allows them to ease in gradually and become comfortable with more time apart from you before spending extended time in childcare.

During this nurturing transition week, the babies attend daily two-hour sessions so that they can spend time with the teachers and the other babies. Throughout this transition, we offer support to parents through regular correspondence. The relationship we form with you and your baby is essential for us and this helps us share feedback and get a more personal understanding of your little one’s temperament.

What about their well-established routine?

Children of all ages feel more secure with familiarity, consistency, and routine. Many of the babies that attend EBN bring their favourite toys and comforters from home which immediately helps them feel more settled. This also helps the babies develop a positive association with their new setting and feel like they’re at a home away from home.

We maintain the individualised routines set up by parents for their babies at home – this familiar structure is hugely important in minimising disruption. Our goal is to ensure that their time at nursery is a stimulating, enjoyable, and happy experience. The babies in our care respond very well to the morning walks, sensory sessions, and various other activities that are integrated into the babies’ routines.

How do I choose childcare for my baby in Dubai?

At EBN we are extremely proud of the strong, trusting partnerships that we have built with our past, returning, and present families. We believe wholeheartedly that every child can make progress if they are given the correct, individualised support. Our highly skilled team of teachers and support staff are strongly committed to facilitating this through the provision of world-class, play-based learning. We consistently strive to set high-quality standards of excellence in the development and care of young children in Dubai and the UAE. As a nursery, we recognise the immense value of community through both a local and global lens by holding parent open days, visits within our community, National Day celebrations, and many more events throughout the year.

The benefits of nursery in Dubai for babies

There are countless benefits associated with choosing an excellent nursery for your baby. From a very young age your baby will learn to develop confidence, form connections and have social interactions with other babies. As well as the advantages for your child’s development, they will also be starting with an excellent foundation which will help set the path for the best possible future learning, development, and general wellbeing outcomes for your baby.

At Emirates British Nursery, we understand the importance of finding the right place to entrust with the responsibility of caring for your baby in a dedicated, nurturing, comfortable and safe manner, and within an environment that is fully conducive to their needs and development. Our expert team prides itself in providing exactly this. Our mission is for you to rest assured that your child is receiving the best quality of care and love that they deserve!

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